The Prestigious Europa League thread 2018/2019


That was desperate stuff from Celtic. If this was the Champions League we’d be 5 goals down already.


Ah here.


That was lovely by Valencia




Brown was weak there. Think he was trying to flick it past Coquelin but it looked awful when he lost it.

Lack of awareness from the defenders after that was terrible, albeit a great cross.




Celtic could get a serious beating if they’re not careful here


Pathetic from Boyata.


1-5 final score is available at 125/1.


Boyata didn’t break his arse either


Boyata is some eejit, angling for a move every window and he’s absolutely useless


McGregor has given the ball away time after time from around the 30 minute mark.


Big questions to be asked of Rodgers, why are Forrest and Sinclair playing so far up the pitch when we can’t get a foothold in the middle?


Not all bad news for you. Your beloved Chelsea are winning 0-1 in Sweden against the 1979 European Cup finalists.


The eejit is the manager who still plays him . Would jock stein , billy McNeill or Tommy burns have tolerated ?


Weah and Edouard for Sinclair and Christie.

We’ve a lot of attacking players on the field now.


What channel is this on bud. I want to take a gu at this weah lad and see is he any good


BT Sport 3 or Gol.


The standard is poor enough tbh .


This is humiliating.