The Prestigious Europa League thread 2018/2019


Ridiculous free given against Edouard there


I’d drop Boyata for the rest of the season after this.


Im not a celtic fan but this ref is even annoying me


Izaguirre has been awful


Christy Burke would be better than Oliver .


This edouard chap is fairly harmless


Yer man got booked on purpose by refusing to take the free.

Chastening to see them get their suspensions out of the way as the tie is over.


Hes crocked


Chris Sutton is very naive. Clear as day what he was at


Chris Sutton isnt wired right at all


It hasn’t really mattered but the ref has been very hard on Celtic


Yeah, mainly in the second half. A handful of bad calls.


Weah has been anonymous since the bright first few minutes


Not a hope would anyone ever give a penalty for that


That Wass guy is Danish according to Rory Hamilton. Never heard of him but he’s been good. Don’t recall him playing in any of those 4 recent games against Ireland.


Celtic 0-2 Valencia. FT.

Not many bhoys did themselves justice tonight.

Pass remarks for a few. Thought Forrest plugged away gamely on the right.


I’d give nobody pass marks.

It was abysmal stuff, Rodgers is a good guy to come in and work with players and improve them but he is hopelessly inept in a tactical sense.


Orange cunt


I love the way British football fans in general, seem to think their teams are just better than all other continental teams and are always shocked when they lose.


Thought Forrest was good second half.

Simunovic was borderline ok but I’d need to see the goals again.

Brown was poor on the ball a lot but at least he got on the ball. I thought he and McGregor showed up but were poor. Christie didn’t get involved at all and Sinclair and Burke were much too quiet too.

Toljan was quite bad. Seemed to panic a lot.

Izaguirre was appalling. Can see why Rodgers played McGregor at left back at Ibrox. Izaguirre was useless at all aspects of his game. And gave up even trying to be positive in the second half.

Criminal first goal to concede and followed by the usual dropping of heads. We never seem to be able to react well to adversity either tactically or just through basic intensity and effort.