The prestigous Europa Conference League thread 2022/2023

Im back lads - sorry for the hiatus but we are in the absolute thick of underage soccer and GAA competitons and I also took @fenwaypark 's advice from 2020 in march when he told me go run 10k x3 times a week , its been a game changer and im a new man

ok lads - the greatest part of the football season is upon us and we have two intriguing days of draws ahead of us …wow

ok here are the dates for the best part of the tournament
First qualifying round: 7 & 14 July 2022
Second qualifying round: 21 & 28 July 2022
Third qualifying round: 4 & 11 August 2022
Play-offs: 18 & 25 August 2022

and then here are the draw dates - holy fuck!
First qualifying round: 14 June 2022
Second qualifying round: 15 June 2022
Third qualifying round: 18 July 2022
Play-off round: 2 August 2022

right - what is the story and who are we interested in
there is so much going on i had to pull in this graphic from wiki
Derry and Sligo are unseeded
Sligo could potentially draw slovakian oposition Dunjeska Streda where Conor Ronan spent a season on loan and that would be a disaster - the rest are beatable- Derry will want to avoid Polish opposition but fuck it their coefficient cc @Bandage and @balbec has plummtted so bad that Legia are unseeded this season in the first round champions league qualifiers… thats actually incredible


ill cover the second round draw tomorrow - 90 (ninety) teams will be in it with the BSC and Pats unseeded

whenever or if rovers exit the CL before the group stages they will default to this tournament and NOT the Europa league

Are you still smoking fags, drinking cans & arguing with missus?

I love the pomp and ceremony of these draws

What time tomorrow @mickee321

@mickee321 previews of these preliminary round draws are one of my favourite TFK traditions.


It’s the real start of the season

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Bruno’s magpies sound like an interesting team.
Only formed in 2013 and already playing European football

That’s because it’s Lechia Gdansk! Legia didn’t qualify and Wisla Krakow were relegated. Watch out for Pogon Szczecin.

welcome back bud

Sligo vs Bala Town
Derry v FC Riga…

Meeehh.youd like to think Sligo would get thru but i couidnt call the Derry Riga game

Thanks pal.
You are doing some great running of late I can see
Fair play

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Larne at home to St Joseph’s Gibraltar.

I must check Larne’s squad but it was like a LOI xi a a year or so ago. Theyve had a few pound thrown at them. Fuad Sule is there i think

Cliftonville vs Dunajaska Streda. We spoke about them last night. Slovakian, conor ronan was there before st. Mirren
Theyll be trashed. I remember we saw Mlada Boleslav play rovers in 2018 uefa cup and they were classy…thats a big step up. Bazunu was in goal. 3 2 in tallaght. They had this Eritrean guy up top

Crusaders vs Brunos Magpies

My son has a Crusaders jersey. Ill post a pic of it later

@Cheasty @briantinnion

you might enjoy this
stephen baxter is a great man

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Cc @Spidey @gilgamboa @briantinnion



Oh wow. That’s unreal.

bump for Sligo, Pats and Crusaders fans