The Prestigous Europa League thread 2022/2023

easily the best club tournammet in world football apart from the Torro Utd soccer starts tournament that i guided us to a third place finish last week

here we go- In this incredible tournament there is no first of second qualifying round , instead we go straight to a third qualifying round … yes i know it is to align the verbage with UCL and UECL that is happening simultaneously
ok - look the draw wont happen till July 18 buts its important to keep in mind nonetheless
the third qualifying round will be populated by losers from the 2nd qualifying round of UCL and also we will have 4 teams on a league path

we then go onto a final qualifying round- Hearts are already in there

on a Hearts story @Bandage and this is one for the TNH thread but i was in section 308 with my wife and son on Saturday enjoying proceedings - with a few minutes to go, the PA told us John Souttar was coming in… i heard some maniac in a scottish accent roar out behind me " ya pish basstaard cunt" and who was it but my wife’s driving instructor who is a prominent member of a NECL women’s coaching staff, from glasgow , is a huge celtic fan and was flaming drunk- we exchanged waheys and went back to our respective stations