The Pretend Thread


I’m one of them too. I’m also a pretend spurs fan


pretend Italians


Lads pretending they’re of any consequence either online or offline


Even real Italians are pretend Italians. The change and reverse from their positions that much, they haven’t a fucking clue where they’re from.


@iron_mike pretend Limerickman.


Time to change the record.


@Joe_Player is a pretend Clareman.

He claims he’s from Sixmilebridge (which is practically in Limerick) but is just an alter ego of @ChocolateMice


I thought he was one of @Bandage creation?


Who are you pretend talking to in Mary I most days so if that’s the case?


No No. That was Buff Egan.



I haven’t seen @Joe_Player since he moved from Limerick to Cork




Pretend business men.


Lads like @mickee321 pretend betting


The 51 on a Friday evening


@Tassotti pretend neglecting his pretend son.



@glasagusban and his pretend penis.


This thread is turning nasty. Next lads will be saying @backinatracksuit pretends he cooks great meals and spends time with his family when in reality he works for 60 hours a week and doesn’t have/take mid-term off.


I’d like to think more of my fellow forumites and the notion they would lie to me about themselves on the internet. I think this thread is in bad taste.