The Pretend Thread

Can we get a definitive list of what forumites are pretending to be and do, please. I’m getting mightily confused at this stage.

@Brimmer_Bradley is a pretend drinker, who buys his 8 year old daughter pretend iphones and has pretend spats with two spinsters at work.


@The_Selfish_Giant is pretending to be a cunt.


She’s ten. That much we know. The iPhone ownership is still unproven.
The drink problem is made up, anyway it’s dumb to post about your drinking and related ill affects on TFK, especially posting it on a specific thread designated for lads to discuss their drinking and hangover stuff, the same thread that has several thousand posts in it and had been running for several years.

I’m not so sure he’s pretending. I think poor Brimmer is just a bit simple.

@Bandage, @Brimmer_Bradley, @KinvarasPassion, @Tassotti, @Ambrose_McNulty and @The_Most_Infamous

are all pretend Catholics.

from a pretend atheist getting married in a Church :joy:


You need to brush up on schizophrenia.They’re not pretending mate, they believe all the gibberish they post, until one of their alter egos emerges to contradict them.

At least one of us will see the inside of a church this year.

@Smark is a pretend beer connoisseur. I’ve been reliably informed he drinks Carlsberg.

@The_Selfish_Giant is a pretend Malahide resident. He lives in a swamp in swords.


@iron_mike and @carryharry - pretend rugby fans :joy:

@anon7035031 - pretend outrage at posters calling other posters mentally ill.

@ChocolateMice pretends to be from Cork


pretend gaa lads like @Bandage

@myboyblue just pretends

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I’m a pretend Munster rugby football hater but have season tickets for Young Munster RFC.


Confessions thread

Pretend Tory supporters. Their humour will be typically tremendous over the upcoming Westminster election. “Let’s hope Theresa May gets strong backing and puts the micks in their place in Brexit negotiations afterwards”. That kind of really funny stuff.

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