The Queen is dead

Or she may not be. @Corksfinedtboy has some solid information there that’s worthy of its own thread.

@rocko can we get the Swayze clock reconditioned?

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How’s Ger Loughnane these days?



Gibbo is some man to spread a rumour

Cork people would be first in with knowledge of the queen


Carkies with their finger on the Royal pulse as always

The queen of which country?

The lack of compassion here is most unbecoming, as Andrew would say

Gave her an almighty rim job when she visited the English market. The rebel county would drink soup

Her soldiers showed a lot of compassion to the protesters in Derry

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She died doing what she loved

Ah ffs harry and Meghan

How many lads spend Christmas with their grand mother?


its his fault

I dont have an exact figure to hand.
Is having a granny not cool any more?

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It seems big Celtic fan Rod Stewart is a royalist

Only on their deaths

Did more than ye did,of course that wouldn’t be too hard