The Racism for Adults Thread

As I’ve been banned from all Current Affairs topics (as I’m apparently not trusted on topics like coronavirus, even though I was the poster who brought the forum’s attention to the threat of coronavirus), this category will have to do. This was a response to @Tank, who wrote the most sensible post on the topic of ethnicity on the racism for infants thread.

The only post in the last while that makes much sense. Ethnicity has more to do with social and cultural commonality than ancestral background, although the latter is often linked as well. It has nothing to do with nationality or citizenship, which has led to confusion and accusations of racism by the infants. Travelers are obviously Irish nationals as their lineage on the island of Ireland is as long or longer than most, but the Irish government has also conferred ethnic status on them as they have a distinct culture, which they themselves claim. Most countries have multiple ethnicities, even those that appear the most homogenous.

It can be argued that the two largest communities in NI are separate ethnic groups, as their ancestry and culture are quite distinct, and can be quite hostile to the social norms (GAA, Irish language, music, beating large drums, etc) of the other group.

Jewish ethnicity is a another fine example, there are Jews from all parts of the world and all races, the only thing that unites them is Judaism, the religion and culture.

What this discussion highlights is the nonsense of defining people by their skin color. There are millions of Jews in the US, perhaps as many as in Israel, and they vary in skin color from as white as you (I assume?) are to as black as Michael Jordan. All are ethnically Jewish and American nationals.

I’ve lost all interest in talking to this guy but just to say that this is very sinister. The motivation here is that a certain poster can now oppose all anti-racism / diversity training because that training implies that there might be such a thing as race/ ethnicity. This poster can now oppose anti-racists as vehemently as they want and noone can ever accuse him of racism because tje real problem is that scientifically there is no such thing as race. This is the perfect ideology for a poster who just wants to be as angey and sanctimonious as possible.

Even better, the “no such thing as race” argument can be switched on and off arbitrarily whenever it’s convenient to certain posters (eg. Posters can still say that the US isn’t racist because it voted for a black President in Obama)

As regards the Jews, I was thinking of a philosopher called Wittgenstein during my run today and his old definition of a “game”. Just because all Jewish people aren’t of Jewish ethnicity doesn’t mean that jewish ethnicity doesn’t exist, or that you can’t have multiple jewish ethnicities. Ethnicity can be one type of Jewishness amongst other meanings that will sometimes overlap. There can be a family of meanings for the term “jewish” without any one term becoming definitive.