The redundancy/Letting people go thread

Let someone go today, 4th person in a month though he was on a rolling contract so we just didn’t renew it. Making someone redundant is more complicated; consultation meetings etc. Anyone else on the other side of the fence to all of this downturn? The person who is letting people go instead of being let go. No easy way of doing it, just take it as part of the job, nothing personal. Rather them than me etc…

No one likes a show off Locke…

Locke will be one of the first up against the wall come the revolution

Been at both sides, funnily enough due to getting a few bob i didn’t give a flying fuck about being let go myself, the other way round is hard alright, especially when they are young and take it personally and don’t understand it all.

Fuck everyone.

Touché Farmer, touché

Can’t be as bad as breaking up with a bird in fairness.

What if its your bird you are firing.

Can’t be as bad as when Rocko goes on holidays and you don’t see him for 3 weeks.

Aye, that’s gotta be right up there with telling someone they’ve cancer or something. You’d be thinking can I fake my own death, emigrate, pretend I’m dying, gay. You just know they’re going to ask ‘why?’ aswell.

I just tell them I can’t handle the smell off their gee anymore.

I experienced being let go and it’s a horrible feeling. Something you take for granted is just pulled away from - it’s like someone pulling the rug from under your feet.

Suddenly you have nowhere to go the next day - I was never so pissed off to be able to sleep in.

My boss’ voice quivered when he told me. Business was bad, the company was directly related to the construction industry and I was last in. He then proceeded to be a half an hour late for our meeting the next day when I gave back keys, gave status of outstanding work etc which left a bit of a sour taste.

He did give me a good reference though in fairness to him.

I’ve fired/let people go twice before and it didn’t go that bad. It wasn’t like it is now where there aren’t other jobs out there and I wasn’t ruining their lives or anything. Letting someone go at the moment must be really shit.

Not saying you’re conceited but letting someone go from Forte’s chipper isn’t going to end someone’s life, WTB. They’ll probably walk into a job in Spar or something, don’t beat yourself up over it.

Ah man, I miss Fortes


Not quite the case unfortunately ss.

I dunno WTB, depends on the situation.

We had a dozen or so let go back in autumn. Voluntary. Most of them had been there 10+ years and were getting a sizeable payoff to go home and be a homemaker. The reality is that the vast majority of those taking redundency were women with kids and many were delighted with it,in fact many were hanging around for it… And these days the reality can be that the ones who are really fucked are the ones that do not take it. As you are just left with more work for less people.

There is a tipping point at where you should go, even if you like the place because once those people are gone there will have to be a new status quo in which the shit people have probably hit the road and those who are left who are decent are now hovering around the relegation zone with more work to do and less people to do it.

My sister in law would take redundency in a heartbeat.

I was in work a couple of weeks back and there was a meeting with senior managers. I know for a fact that some people had been hoping more redundancies would be announced.

Personal circumstances obviously come into it. Younger people tend to have a lesser package coming to them but they usually don’t have the same financial commitments and have plenty of opportunity to build new careers. Older people get the better packages but where do they go from there.


A good Catholic like Fitzy would never have let this happen.