The rise of lab grown meat

A game changer

Saw a programme about this. Fillets made from stem cells will be available to buy in 2020

None of the environmental harm and bad practices of traditional farming will lead to better quality meat

By 2030 farming will be obsolete


How much will it cost per kg?

It’ll be hitting the nations deli counters by storm

Will this stop ignorant Muldoon farmers from starting fires and destroying the countryside?

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Go way ya prick, you wouldn’t stand in a gap.


Probably but they will torch every lab to the ground instead.

I’ve stood in gaps loads of times.

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When it’s mass produced they will be paying you to eat it

Fuck fucking off .

Sorry for being in favour of saving the environment and ridding the world of hunger

If a few oirish farmers list out so be it

Can we still grow Potatoes, mate?

In a lab?

Yes,they will be better than from a field

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What about cow juice?

I’m intrigued.

Lab trumps field

I’ll come visit with some grapes when your hole starts to rot from the inside out.


this sounds good, god knows what shit the thick muldoon farmers in oireland are pumping into cattle these days

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Sounds tasty.

From mad cow disease ?

No, the stems mate.

Most meat wont be from slaughtered animals by 2040 according to an article in the guardian today