The Roaster Thread


“I didn’t see it, I only heard it”


Roasters galore at Augusta. Very odd individuals.


Roasters always manage to get up the front too. You could imagine this lad elbowing his way through a crowd of fat yanks and then opening up a bottle of rock shandy (or whatever the American equivalent is) that fizzed all Over the place


Don’t forget the sweating. :grinning:


One for the “people you don’t know but suspect are smelly” thread


Mike the Pies is a great boozer


Looks like the roasters in Bridgetown didnt take too kindly to a couple of homosexuals drinking in their pub.

Reviews aren’t good


Where’s the original post / story?


I am currently trying to get the full details.


This was in the reviews you linked to

So it’s taken me a while to post this, I have been back and forth should I or shouldn’t I? I feel like this is something that needs to be heard and shared to prevent anyone being in the same position… last night me and my friends decided to go out for a few drinks and have a good time, non of us realized the horrific shit storm that was about to unravel! We went to Cooneys pub in Bridgetown, the start of the night was fine, like any other night we ever had out there, that was until the owners son and his friends got wind of me being gay! It started off with small little remarks like “I don’t understand you” “why” ect… which was fine, I realize not everybody will understand and at the end of the day we are entitled to our own opinion, but as the night went on the harassment, insults and just pure bullying got worse and worse I was called “faggot” “queer” “loser”, I went to the toilet and he told his friends that this “cunt is a faggot” “don’t be in there when he is in there you don’t know what he will do to you” I also heard the group of friends saying how dare a faggot thinks it’s acceptable to be at this pub…: the homophobic remarks got extremely relentless and hurtful to the point that I left the pub because I felt extremely unsafe and unwanted… I was followed out by the son and his friends calling me names as I Walked down the road… my friends didn’t even know that I had left! When they found out what happened they confronted the owner to try and tell him what was going on and it resulted in them being turfed, physically out of the pub!!! I’m not going to lie I can’t stop crying… not just because of the pure hatred I was shown but because in the year 2018 it’s still unacceptable to be different… this society never seizes to show how horribly wrong things in today’s world are… I am posting this to let you know that if you are in any way different please don’t go to this pub… I don’t want anyone to ever go through what me and my friends went through last night! ITS NOT OK!!


They’ll have that pinned on the wall like a pub spy review


It was only a bit of banter


Drama Queen.


Hmmm, i can’t see that review. Who posted it?


One of the reviews had a heap of comments under it.
It’s in there


Can’t find it.

Strange auld set up. The place closed down around 2007 and was shut for 7 years. the current owner is a Dub originally who lived down that neck of the woods 40 years ago before emigrating to Australia and making his money in plant hire. He moved home 4 years ago and bought the place for his retirement and pumped a good bit of money into it, along with burning a few lads in the process too.

The place is doing alright but nothing hectic, there simply isn’t enough people in the village to sustain two pubs especially with drink driving being a thing of the past. He had the place open around 6 months and the young fella (he is in his 30s) arrived on. Typical uncouth Ozzie, so he fitted right in a clannish parochial farming village like Bridgetown. He received a couple of police cautions for stalking women in the locality and he then disappeared back to Australia before returning again after the heat died off.

Most of the locals drink above in Horan’s (Harns).


Chucks getting all sorts of ideas here.

A dub and his braindead ozzie son, roaster honour intact


Nothing worse than a blow in opening a pub in a small place.


He has two kids from another marriage who were born and reared in the area.


They don’t want the pink Pound in that pub so.