The Rugger Ladies of RWC 2019

Get them in lads.

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Any racy shots of the eimearnator to warm the cockles

A girl as pure as the Eimenator wouldn’t be doing racy shots. :slight_smile:

A roaster load of freckles there :heart_eyes_cat:

does the toothless lessi count?

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Great start to this.

You seem to have a bit of a fascination with her. I’ll let her know for you.

Well this thread is off to a great start.

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A plain Jane from Clare and a toothless heifer from Japan -

Is that Fabio Lanzoni?

The Irish girls have touched down …



L to R: @backinatracksuit, @gilgamboa and @Matty_Hislop (AKA Fanta Pants)


It’s funny because it’s true :joy:

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I’m not gonna lie lads, its been pretty slim pickings so far…

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2 sausages, a bit of pudding to the left and a bad egg to the right


I know the girl in the last two pictures. Harmless SoCo Dublin accountancy type.


I’d say she’s had that pose down since a young age.