The Sade Thread

I’ve hid my love for this woman for long enough. She is one of the all time greats and if given a few listens I’m sure you will all agree. She encompasses soul but also blues. Her lyrics are deep and sensual, unlike the upstarts rag tags of today.
Here is one of my favs to start us off on what I know is going to be an inspirational thread…

I didn’t need a few listens mate, I knew instinctively it would be sheer class. :clap:

A beautiful woman, in all its meanings.

There is a mysticism about her which is enhanced by her evident reluctance to court the media. It is precisely because I don’t know what she’s had for breakfast that makes her so interesting to me. Her fans are known for their devotion, astuteness and resilience.


What a woman…

This is another classic

It would appear the tribulations of time and man have had no impact on the incomparable Sade. :clap:

Ah Marko. We have little in common but the dulcet tones of this lady

It’s enough pal.

Chilling here in the hotel room after breakfast listening to the great lady. She brings peace to my soul. A goddess, a sage, pure divinity!

Did you get yourself sorted with a few bob, mate?