The Saturday/Sunday Game Thread

The focal point of most of our sunday evenings for the summer months. Therefore it is no trivial manner.


What Sunday game?


Old Waterford fellas talking beans

More will come to me over due course.

In general those that aren’t trying to become a TV personality and actually have a personality of their own do alright. Some like Paul Flynn and Declan Ruth choose neither strategy.

Just on last nights show, what is with Tony Davis’s eyebrows, it looked like he had shaved of half of each of his eyebrows?


It was fucking freaky!

Coman Goggins and Bernard Flynn were apparently two complete lepers down in Carlow on Saturday night. Fair enough, we took a hiding from Dublin last year and getting to the semi-final is looking increasingly like it was ‘one season wonder’ syndrome. But these two clowns were claiming that Wexford were ‘lucky’ to beat Down and Armagh and fluked their way into the semi final last year. Wexford never looked like losing to Down and won handily and pulled away and deservedly beat Armagh. I’m seething because of it.

Wexfords wins were more than deserved, and to suggest anything else is wrong, but neither side they were playing were any great shakes, certainly Down are a load of crap at Senior level.

One benefit of going to your county’s games is that you don’t have to listen to those clowns afterwords. Tomas Mulcahy spends our annual championship exit jumping up and down on our grave and rubbing his hands with glee. Apparently he took the 97 all-ireland night to heart.

This is back on my viewing schedule due to they getting rid of that oversized leprechaun Spillane. Des is an improvement, I would have gone for Darragh O’Cinneide in the hot seat, but Seo Sport got to him first. He’s doing a great job there fair play to him. The winning format to a Sunday Game type programme is simple - Show enough of the games, give the good games of the day lots of footage, the bad games f all footage eg. W’ford v Limk (omg!) and Monaghan v Derry (yawn). Cut out the shite talk. The sports are good enough in themselves.
Next for the chop from the Sunday Game - Pete Finnerty, Cyril Farrell, Kevin McStay - outtafuck with them.

I’m not at all claiming they were quality sides, Kev. Just that there was no doubt that Wexford merited the wins in question. We’ve been shit this year so the lads took to rewriting history. It gets back to the point about RTE not analysing games - they instead spout out inane generalities/claims that are often completely inaccurate. Plus, they still don’t know any of our players other than Forde, he was injured, so they’d nothing else to waffle on about. :rolleyes:

Always liked the cut of Finnerty’s jib myself

Pete Finnerty can do no wrong. Never has done, never will do.

They should start blinding him with the studio lights though to stop him looking up there!

The autocue must be up there.

They had to put it up there cos he kept looking. Fucking wanker.


Laughed out loud at that one, well done sir. :thumbsup:

A sound man in fairness, even if he is an awful cranky fucker. Used do a very good column in the indo once upon a time as well, don’t know if he still does. Hasn’t been much sign of Tomas so far but no doubt he’ll rear his ugly head for next sunday.

Tomas’s management commitments have curtailed him a bit i’d say. I think he see’s the Cork job down the road as well and doesn’t want to be too close to it by the time that comes around.

nice to see duignan and finnerty getting along so well, obviously the move to leinster has mended a few bridges.
of course, having a common enemy to belittle no doubt appealed to their sensitivites.
didn’t hear pete complaining much about the standard of munster hurling when galway were mooted as possible entrants.