The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


I didn’t know this final was starting at 1pm.

Mary I are leading 9-3 after 15 minutes - live on TG4.


Double save by Rowland after Mary I practically walked through the Carlow defence. Ominous signs for the south east contenders.


Lovely from Galvin


Rowland is a class act. Laois are ridiculously well stacked with keepers at present. Which is quite necessary really.


College avoided a serious embarrassment here


12-7 now. 3 in a row to Carlow against the breeze. That last one made in Laois - Maher caught a Rowland puck out and passed to Dwyer who rifled over.


The ref is acting the bollox here


Some wind behind Mary I here.


Must be a serious wind. Ronan Maher has a good strike but fucking hell


Ceann eile .


Ronan Maher is having the time of his life out there


Another boomer from Maher!


Brave keeping by the Mary I goalie and the ball was worked out to Ronan Maher who pointed from around 85 yards out.

14, now 15-7.


What would you say the wind in worth pal 4-5pts?


Cian Lynch having a good game so far,Galvin goin well around the middle and Ronan Maher playing unreal.


16-8 at half time.


You only have to throw yourself to the ground here in slight contact and you’ll get a free.


Gavin really acting the cunt now.


He’s some gimp


A fair a shoulder you will see and a free in.