The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Our Intermediate hurlers were humiliated by UL yesterday and our Fresher A Footballers hammered by DCU the other day @caoimhaoin

Reform and fresh faces needed


Cork v Limerick in the Harty Final tomorrow, 12 years since a Cork school won this


Only the inter footballers left to keep the flag flying


The good ones moved over to camogie and ladies football


Another year will do no harm so, Ard Scoil Ris will take some bating.

Can pull young lads from all over Limerick and east Clare. Is it televised?


Online I think… Cork by 15.


RIP College.


Nice one, i’ll watch that.


Those Ashbourne cup girls are doing us proud alright :red_circle: :black_circle:


The Kerry midfielders good going forward for UCD - not so much on back foot.

Will tip out to final tmrw for a look but it’ll be no Mardyke.


Wes is the type of fella who should get Senior Hurlers.
Proper College fella. Works there. Played there. And is a great speaker and very good coach.

Not some “name” from the past.


Mid term break over
A small stretch into Easter

Where does the year go


It’s scary shit. Before you know it, you’ll be putting up the Christmas tree again


What do your kids do for the summer? Is your wife at home?


Wife works part time. The eldest will take her first “summer job” this year. The parents have a holiday home in Rosslare so we will spend a bit of time there. Due to my job it is possible travel from there as I cover parts of Wexford.
The youngest will start secondary in September but during the summer will spend time between both sets of grand parents while we are at work.
Heading off to the canaries for a week at the end of June. Cheap and cheerful but after the year we had last year, it’ll probably be the first time the four of us can just chill and enjoy each others company


Back just in time for the Munster final. :+1:


Yea Dodgy. It was a bit of a hard one this year. I have always based my holidays in order to facilitate championship. Ithe was like a fucking entrance exam this year trying to work around it. I even had to ask herself for help in planning it


Sounds like a decent summer

Looking forward to a couple of weeks away myself


Ah it will. But getting back to your earlier point, I find that once the kids go back in September, the countdown to Christmas starts in earnest. The Supermarkets will even have thever tubs of Chocolates in at that stage. Rightly or wrongly is another debate.
I presume you’re heading back to the southern hemisphere for a few weeks?


Looking forward to the Harty final. Unfortunately two of the Midleton full-forward line are out (O’Regan and Nganou) injured making a big ask a gigantic one.