The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Nope, will try get back there every second summer let them stay for a couple of months

Italy this year

How does all yours being in secondary help you. Longer days must be good


What part of Italy mate?


What happened them?




Enjoy pal, was in Cattolica last summer, Rimini reminded me of Tramore.
Day trip to San Marino a must.


Well the youngest is only starting in September.
The wife has decided to go back to work full time after that. Longer days will help all right plus the fact that both kids will be in the same school will make the logistics that bit easier.


O’Regan has a recurring shoulder injury or something, Nganou went off injured in the semi at half time.


Any plans yourself


Sicily or Puglia, haven’t decided yet.


M’Town four up in the B final.


Great stuff
Any of your kids in scoil iosa?

Are you happy with it


@Turenne Nganou down as starting.


Is that Mark’s son playing number 7 for Midleton?


No relation afaik


Midleton have 5 or 6 serious players



More than that. Gosnell should have been cork minor last year. Arguably best midleton cbs team ever. Hope they do it. Lad from my own club ger millerick is a great bit of stuff.


Score lads? My wife is sick so can’t watch yet.


Ah he is a serious player. 2 County senior medals in that team is there?

I was including Gosnell actually. Saw him with Cork Minors last year down CIT. Maybe dropped after? Thought he was on panel


Did not even make panel. Ring did not fancy him.