The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


ASR bigger and more powerful


Physically much better prepared.

Corks lack of appreciation for physical development on show again.


The spine of the ASR are mostly aged 19 and they are taking players from all over and beyond their basin . Not a fair comparison.


19? Fuck sake.


Eldest has been and gone, 2nd eldest in transition year. It’s a big school but no major problems, some good teachers, some shit teachers. I found going to parent teacher meetings and seeing a teacher with photographs of the kids to assist them a bit strange, but all in all happy enough with it.


Maybe but CBC put it up to Ard Scoil with a lot less talent than Midleton have. Ard Scoil only beat Midleton by a point in the groups a couple of months ago. This is shocking by Midleton, no other way to put it.



Great win for the Mary I Today


There is 2 lads who played the Cork senior County Final last year and on the face of it a big number of 19 year olds fromantic what i can make out.

It’s hard to describe to an outsider but there is an lingering hurling snobbery in Cork that lacks appreciation for physical prep. It’s evident in every team we produce.

It’s ohysical and mental. The refereeing in the county is abysmal and stops players being robust. And they there is a chronic under appreciation for physical development and where it is used it’s very often with cowboys.

What has where ASR’s “basin” got to do with it.
Limerick, Tipp and Clare all seem to have a better appreciation for physical prep


Midleton look like a team who may have flopped . From reading local media and internet during the week there was huge expectations and that 12 years without a Harty is too long “ . They are young lads with a lot going on at this stage . ASR have a couple of freakishly good players for this level .


Who are the 19 year old? School hurling eligibility is 18.5 years so those born from July 1999 onwards.


Sorry when I said 19 I mean not eligible for minor this year .


3-18 to 2-10. Full time.

ASR join Rockwell College on the roll of honour with 5 titles.


The coverup is on :astonished:


North Mon have 18




Flannans have the most mate.


Assume it is a rugby school quip



Flannan’s have most with 21.


Limerick CBS have the most of any Limerick schools.


How many have thurles ??