The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


8 as per the Munster GAA PPS site.

Flannans with 21 and North Mon have 19.


Have munchin’s or mungret college won any ???


Dont recall munchins ever playing Harry, they got to a Munster B final back in around 2006, can’t recall if they won it. The O’ Donovan twins and Joe O’Connor from Pattern were the main men on that team


I am talking donkey’s years ago .



Can you post that link , thanks .


Ultimately Midleton had two small fellows in midfield and got ran through all day by Ryan. CBC did a largely successful man marking job on Ryan, god only knows why Midleton didn’t think to do the same and stick Millerick on him.


Absolute horse shit. You have not got a clue of the work being done in midleton.


Occassion got to them. Nothing to do with physical prep or whatever shite @caoimhaoin was harping on about. They are much better than that. Hopefully they can regroup and get another cut off them in all ireland series.


Ger has been carrying a hamstring injury for a good while. Asking him to do that would be unfair.


A good bit more than you anyway going by that observation. You get very defensive over your teacher mates. Midleton have wasted alot of hurling talent in recent years. Something you have mentioned yourself.

It is not horseshit. It was a general point ut Midleton looked woefully under cooked compared to ASK. Typical of Cork teams at all levels in recent years. Lighter, slower aceleration, blown away in close exchanges, poor decision making probably brought on from fatigue from said exchanges.

I have a good insight to what goes on all over the county. I know many of the coaches around the county and am aware of a good lot of what is going on. The culture as an entirety is well behind.

I did not see anything in Midleton to change that. Their Muscular injuries would support that as well.

And occasion getting to them is the coaches fault.


I saw he was strapped so fair enough. One of O’Leary-Hayes/Walsh-Barry could have done it. That Midleton midfield versus that Ard Scoil Ris midfield was an automatic disadvantage for Midleton, and I in no why mean it as disrespectful to the two Midleton lads. Pure failure on the part of the Midleton sideline not the players.


Nah Kev,
Anytime a team gets beat you harp on about lack of physical prep. You have a vested interest in this narrative.

Usually when a team gets beat, it simply because they were not good enough on the day.


That’s because it’s a pattern. It happens every Cork team.

Physically and tactically inept.

That’s why it keeps happening.

You can bury your head in the sand if you want but that makes you part of the problem.

Midleton were blown away physical and mentally today. It was men against boys. Only it wasn’t.

I have a vested interest obviously. But I am also educated, coaching 22 years, know what other counties are doing, u derstand best practice and I am around the county with various clubs. I am beside other coaches/teams/schools on a fairly regular basis. The coaching culture is poor.

And I was asked to get involved with a club who has members on that team at adult level this year. I declined on 2 reasons. Traffic and the fact that the manager did not want to hear about integration. He was “you worry about the fitness and i’ll worry about the hurling”

That’s a major problem in Cork


But kev you dont know what midleton are doing. You have made assumptions based upon one match.



I do not know what they are doing specifically.

But whatever they are doing is not up to scratch anyway. Proof is in the pudding Fenay. That’s the bottom line. There is not a performance attitude in Cork.

But I do know what the Cork development squads are doing. I have some idea of what some clubs are doing. And Midleton can only have so much influence. Just like ASR. But I also know alot of what Limerick are doing generally and those lads are being far better prepared.

You still hear Cork Development Squad Coaches and development officers saying “those lads are too young for weights”. They have PE Teachers doing the S&C. It’s a farce.

And again this comes back to culture.

I was asked last week could I come in and give a talk to an underage club of coaches to help them with warm ups and strengthening kids etc

I asked how long do I have?
90 minutes.
I told him I need 9 months. Probably for 3 Years.

People just do not appreciate the long term work and view the successful teams and counties are taking.

“Give me a few drills there”
“Give me a warm up there”
“Give me a strength program there”

3 most common questions I get. Even those willing to pay haven’t a clue.


That’s it. You dont know specifically what they are doing.
They got to a Dean Ryan final this year with a group of players who achieved nothing up to that point. They almost beat a highly rated thurles team. I can send you a vt of that match. In semi they beat ard scoil by 7pts when same team hammered them year earlier in white cup.

There is a seimic shift in approach in that school in last 12 months. This is being driven by very forward thinking coaches.

There is more focus on s and c, video analysis, nutrition etc than hitherto.

They had a bad day today. It happens with young lads.


Leaving certificate students should be spending time in the gym not studying


Ard scoil won that in the gym. The S&C work they do is akin to something you’d see in American college ball. Corks tippy tappy attitude is light years behind.


Minor is under 17