The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Yeah you’re right - maybe it’s his nickname, was excellent


Is that Divillys 2nd Fitz win with UCD? I think he was in charge of Maynooth a few years back and got them to a weekend. He must surely be on the radar for a managerial gig with one of the Leinster counties.


He talks a good game from I can see.

I suspect he has a good life for himself and would not just take and job for sake of it and nd appears to me like someone who may rattle cages.

I’m speculating there from a few articles but that’s the impression.


I played for years with Divo and finer you couldn’t meet.he took a few sessions with us this year too and they were of top quality.


I’m just back from an U-21 match. We have quite a strong panel, but were lucky to be able to field. 3 o clock on a Saturday just doesn’t suit fellas that age and clashes with other sports too.


You are seeing the fruits of county board policy here tbh . The u21 hurling championships being run off as glorified blitzes in feb and March . The vast majority of players of that age being poorly treated . The hurl season geared towards the county team at this level .


Weak CB’s bending to clubs with players away during the summer.
It should be played after exams when senior goes quite. If lads are away they are away. It’s still a small enough %


Jason Forde just mentioned in his interview there that he’s out of college. How does that work with him playing with UL?


Teacher training. Probably meant he’s living at home which is a help when getting fit during the winter


Training Cuala footballers this year i hear


A legend.


3 Tipp, 3 Dublin, 2 Kerry, 2 Laois and a scatter from other counties on the UCD starting 15.


UCD has always been a friend of the bogger.

Fuck College, hon University.


Ard Scoil beat them in the group stages as well mate.


John delivery :yum:


Dublin North Colleges beat St Kierans 1-14 to 1-11 in Leinster Senior Colleges final today. Bit of an upset. Kierans going for 4 in a row and their 10 millionth Leinster Title in total.


It’s starting to happen.

The work is working.

At least ye already have the split here😂


lads what are yere thoughts on these educate together schools?
id much prefer to fire the young fella into the local christian brothers to keep him on the straight and narrow
she now has got this educate together thing in her head
as part of the confidence and supply agreement in our home there is no point in me even suggesting him to get baptised for fear of a riot situation developing ,
they’ll hardly tell me the place is full and if he’s not baptised Br, Benildus and co. wont want to instill educate on him will they?


Do you want your child to go to school with long hair and a guitar case over a gearbag and a decent haircut?


They are fantastic for broad views and education.

However he may lack edge alright.