The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Goalies :smile:


This team may have missed out on that somewhat so. But all my points still stand. I have enough experience now to see what the performances tell us about the prep. I have seen several of that Midleton team play at a higher level. So the performance prep has to be questioned.

This “they are young lads” thing is bollix though. They can be prepared the same as anyone else.

That collapse is a reflection on preparation and the coaches. Nothing else.

ASR nor CBC collapsed did they?

But hopefully you are right and down the road there


Getting to a Harty final isn’t that bad


Hon Drom


Asr almost got caught by cbc. They were complacent and almost paid the price. That’s sport, it happens. Can only ever be one winner.

Asr were better today. Midleton beat them in group stages. Would love to see decider in all ireland final.


All generic rubbish.

They were blown away Fenay. And if they were equally competitive in earlier rounds it reflects very poorly on prep.

CBC are definitely better prepared. Just did not have the hurlers.


have the last word kev.


That’s very gracious of you


Club still 18 .


Did they not change it in limerick too? Or cork? Most of leinster has changed club to 17 as far as I know.


Cork is 18 I believe



Some week for Con. All Ireland semi final, an extra time Sigerson semi final win and the Sigerson Cup at the end of it. All the while doing deals and growing the Irish economy 9-5.


Have they?

Definitely not changed here. Have they brought in an U-19 grade if they’ve moved to 17s? Cutting lads very young otherwise, and 21s isn’t taken seriously at all really.


We did it guys


Congrats pal… A Harty cup is always worth celebrating


Changed to an under 20 comp. The under 21 in wexford used to be shite, it was just a straight knock out and hard to get all teams entered. Last year they had a second comp for all first round losers, so guaranteed 2 games. So this year became under 20 in a league format that will run thru regardless of county players or senior club action. So be interesting to see how that goes. those up to the age at 17 eligible for it too.


Sounds like a sensible it February to April and then forget about it.

Lads who are good enough for adult can join up that (which still would only be getting going).

Lads who want to fuck off for summer can wit hour missing out.

Exams not affected


Dublin still 18.

Always thought the Clare under 21 club championship was well run compared to other counties. Straight knockout and started around Paddy’s day and finished up by May weekend, meant young adult hurlers were involved in the winter/early spring and then would have momentum keeping them involved with the senior and junior sides.

Much better than tacking it on at the end of the season as an afterthought like other counties.


That’s the way to do it. Players love playing it but not in November/December.

Just back from Santry. Decent game but UCD took full control in second half and possibly should have won by more - Comer got a lucky goal but was good throughout. 11 for UCD was excellent (Dessie something.?) and prob got man of the match. Madness if Fitzmaurice puts the two Kerry lads in midfield tomorrow as they put in a serious shift.


Was no 11 not Monaghan’s Conor McCarthy?

Think he was MOTM against UUJ midweek as well.