The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


2- 20 ul
1- 15


What’s left?


Injury time now




Full time.
2.21 to 2.15


Clare boys can relax


Tony Kelly badly needs to work on that.


I was flicking through the match programme from this year’s Sigerson Cup Final last night. As hosts, there were a number of contributions from Trinity alumni. Alan Kerins was saying he started training with the Trinity Sigerson team in early 1999 to stay fit for the upcoming hurling season. He hadn’t played an orgainsed game of gaelic football in his life up until that point, as there were no gaelic football teams in east or south Galway. A little over two years later, he came on as a sub for Galway in the 2001 football final to win an All Ireland medal.


@caoimhaoin What happened to those UCC girls today was nothing short of a disgrace.

Who the fuck does Paudie Murray think he is?

He should be held to account over this. Shane Roynane has let loose on Red FM.


What happened dyt???

Unaware of situation


Looney, Cahalane and Coppinger told in no uncertain terms not to play for College in the O’Connor Cup semi final today because of Camogie league tomorrow by Murray.

Coppinger played, the other two didn’t. Ronayne was seething on Red FM and you can’t blame him


Is he over UCC Ladies???

Seems like an unusual move. My understanding wpuld be there would be a big appreciation for UCC. His brother is the Camogie Coach and Men’s football coach.

I will ask about it.

League semi not that big a deal and andll 3 are replaceable.

However alot of people dislike Ronayne so maybe some other conflict there


So what?


Not sure this is the whole story.

One question I woukd ask is why he wanted 3 players he knew he coukdn’t have on final day.

On other hand I think Cork could have left it off for the 3 of them. They have 22/23 very capable IC Camogie players and while Linerick have been pushing them hard Cork couLD win without them.
All 3 were touch and go for starts anyway.

I am on the way to a match now where one of the UCC girls will be playing or there. Might get a balance to it.

I’m getting Cork side of it


Paudie Murray made a show of himself on Red FM tonight.

Whole thing is some mess.


Have you a link. Cannot find podcast


Roynane came back on and let rip. Murray needs a good long look at himself


Murray seems like a ferocious narcissist


I saw a text from Roynane

He will never get a gig again.

Based on the texts he and his management are a jokeshop.

“Reminding the players about their obligations”

On the flip side, Paudie does have some serious questions to answer though.

This is potentially management ending.

None of it is right. Alot of egos in play here


Huh? Shane Roynane is an AI Winning manager mate and currently an Inter County manager.