The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


In Cork I should specify.

Nobody has done well here. Including a player I believe.

SR has not right to be talking about Scolorships to people and them being lost and PM has no right to say someone would never play for Cork again. As if he would have that say forever

To get into the injuries things is silly too. Hard to pinpoint why that happens when it’s a collective "everyone taking their piece " approach.

There is still an awful lot of “run the shit out of them” in Ladies sport. SR and Ryan did alot of that with Cork.

It’s hard to believe it could not have been worked out like adults


Cork GAA continues to deteriorate …


The rot set in in College and has fed out into the county.


Michelstown CBS for the first time in ther history won the Barty Cup this year. Next year they qualify for Harty. Hurling is on the up in NW Cork. Shut ye’re holes.


Lots of good stuff happening around Mitchelstown.

I know there is a very good coach from the Barrs in Mitchelstown but he is in girls school. Who was over them?


Duggan. Anthony Nash and some lad from Kildorrery.


Mitchelstown is North East Cork


How the fuck did I mix that up. Correct StoneCold.


You’re general point is correct, Hurling on the up in North Cork



Is this a man threatening young women?


I’d be careful here lads. Legal soundings here with this one. Might be shadow boxing or bullshit.

But it would not surprise me at all.


And then hiding behind his lawyers. What a guy.


That’s a bit presumptive isn’t it?


The toss up, college or county? It has to be county for me.


Bullshit. What a prick.

“What I said to the girls – and I only spoke to two of them – was that there would be severe consequences,” he told the paper.

“What I meant was that, if we won the semi-final and the players who came into the team played well, they would keep their place.”


In this case I think it should have been college and a bit of flexibility.

But both sides acted with arrogance and a lack of player centred management.

A player in question didn’t seem to help the situation either


Details details, I don’t care what this gaggle of bitches got up to it’s the big picture is what is important. County over college and that’s the end of it.


Ya but it should be their choice unreservedly and without sanction on any level.


Fuck em, if they want to run around a field playing a mans sport let them act more manly. Their poor feelings were hurt were they? The ammount of wanker journaiists given licence to write the likes of this tosh is scandalous. Complete non story. They should quit their bitching and count themselves lucky they can tog out for their county.