The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)



Seamus Flanagan on co- commentary :rofl:


He’s box office.


UUJ fail again while Mary’s punch way above their weight again.


Tuned in to see Gillane put a cut of the bar from 45 metres out. Is there no end to the mans talents?


Thomas Grimes is having a cracking match


NUIG 4 up HT


thomas monaghan has the freedom of the field. Gillane is having a quiet one.


I see the Garda ARU car is still parked up watching for dodgy students


there’s two birds having a fierce chat here near the mic.

OOOOOHhhh my Ggggawwwd is uttered every few minutes


I lolzed when I saw it earlier … cant believe the fucker is still parking it up for games … but it is RAG week and Mary I students are notorious for causing trouble


They have been exceptionally well behaved so far this week although they could ruin it all tonight.


ah — I forgot you were manning the door… The lads up there are harmless - all emasculated. It’s LIT you dont want to see- the exact opposite.


I’m inside this week thankfully, UL are the biggest shower of cunts i’m dreading theirs! They will be coming in from every college even the agri boys from Pallaskenry.


They are all agri from Pallaskenry.




They streamed the wrong game



NUIG win.