The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)



Good stuff …


The less games Peter Casey has to play in the muck and shit of February the better, 80/1 for HOTY.


Is owens gonna ref all his games and let him away with holding when he’s not able to hurl a lad? If so thats a great price


Byrnes and Mike Casey also…


Wha? Christ.


Young Monaghan looks to have a bit about him …


Too light


Won by two. Byrnes missed a pens last minute


Probably thinking of Mike Casey who physically destroyed a lad who is half a foot taller than him in the AIF


The Caseys have him in a tail spin since August.


What’s Byrnes still doing in LIT? He’s 25 this year.


Colm Galvin was 9 years in Mary I


Is Joe Canning still in L.I.T?


Fucked him out when they discovered he couldnt read or write


They are the fucking worst students you’d ever meet. We’re very close to Mary I and you wouldn’t have a clue this week was rag week.

I’d say everyone within a 2 mile radius of UL is in lockdown during it


A mile radius of College Court would be pretty accurate (most weeks)


missing pelanties


Any family left in college court would want their head examined


He nearly spent as much time in college as you