The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


lads bringing in marching powder in the post.



At least I was rewarded for my time - All he got was an All Ireland and a chain of restaurants and commercial sponsorship.


He learned how to lodge a cheque anyway.


I’m mortified for you, you misfortune :smile:


Aren’t you the lad who pretends he’s a guard on the internet


aren’t you the lad that pretends to go to hurling matches?


Walked all over the LIT scum


Bitter balls being bitter, even when they win


I pretend to be an ex - Garda on the Internet. Keep up.


Terrible banter. Why didn’t you leave that time when you weren’t a laughing stock?


It is an echo of your “banter” you gowl.

I was never not that. I left while I was and came back in the same vein, you gowl


You being a past student of LIT would explain many things


what things?


@maroonandwhite swinging wildly here to deflect from his Peter/Michael* Casey error.

*Why do Munster muldoons overwhelmingly insist on Mike? We’re Irish, not mechanics from Erinsborough.


See, this is why you’re such a skilled and respected poster. In you come and flatten a Galway foe in one fell swoop, and in the next instance you’ve turned your talons towards your enemies in the Southern province.

You have the Western Seaboard seething in under 30 words. It’s really impressive stuff.


Carlow RTC wont want to come back to The Dyke for a long, long time after the pastings they’ve taken these past few nights.

College are well and truly back in the big time


Its great to see the proper colleges dominating the competitions this year


Have you an arts degree?




Semi-finals on Tuesday night. Venues tbc.

NUIG v Mary I