The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Honestly bud I’m only having the craic,know I can be a caustic cunt at times,but it’s only in jest


you’re about as caustic as baking soda compared to some of the fuckers round here. you’re grand pal


decent team though city


Tnx bud,and I really do wish Limerick FC all the best


Irish CountryWomens Associstion ?


College is a state of mind :red_circle::black_circle:




Interesting Cork answer


Irate Corkonian AGAIN


Corinthians have no affiliation whatsoever with UCC, it doesn’t matter what that article or whatever it is says,
They field children’s teams FFS sake,

Christ you must be absolutely miserable down in Cark


College Corinthians have senior teams fella. If a club fields underage teams it doesn’t insulate the adult teams from being a shower of cunts.

Have you no soccer clubs in Cork you dislike no?


Which is exactly what my point to the other langer was


I have no time for Corinthians, they’re a shower of wankers, but this is nothing whatsoever to do with UCC, I dislike Avondale though I played a season for them, I never got on with Douglas Hall or Carrigaline but in general I don’t dislike entire groups of people.

It’s clear that Corinthians had a link to UCC in 1971 but that’s long gone, it’s ridiculous to include them in some petty row about your city’s colleges.


Forty years later and our founder members vision

Nearly 40 years later the vision of our founding members lives on and this season UCC graduates Simon Hedderman, Sean Heneghan, Padraig O’ Brien, Barry Kirby and Graham O’ Halloran to mention a few have all swopped the red and black of UCC for the blue & white of Corinthians motivated I am sure by the same desire to maintain the friendships and the camaraderie that they had found


Any UCC team I ever played against was full to the brim with wankers, and the line the same.

Corinthians took on that ethos and any team I ever played was choc full of wankers, and the line the same


Look mate, you want to have a ridiculous argument for the sake of it, UCC is full of cunts and UL is wonderful, as far as I can see neither you or @Corksfinedtboy ever attended either college, almost every soccer team in Cork will have a few UCC graduates on their adult teams.
I’ve no interest in this dumbness, honest to God though, it must be dreadful on you having to live there


You joined in the argument kid. Neither UCC nor Corinthians are representative of Cork, especially East Cork, where I live.

My dislike of UCC stems from sporting events I played against them, both in colleges and in the MSL. A bunch of cheating, whinging gowls


I haven’t any interest mate, I replied that Corinthians aren’t UCC, you wish to continue down this path of insulting everybody in UCC for what they put on their CAO form, I think that’s a bit childish, I played against UCC dozens of times and wouldn’t consider them any different to most MSL clubs, just a bunch of lads playing a game of ball.


you’re posting on an internet forum defending your Cork buddy, mate, it’s all childish


I’m not defending anybody mate, what he said about UL was equally dumb, I only posted because I know a bit about Corinthians, I never liked them as a club because they went through a phase of poaching all round them when they were going very well in the 90s, I know loads of lads who played for them and many barely saw the inside of a secondary school, I’m sure there’s plenty of cunts in UCC but ffs it’s a huge college, they don’t ‘produce’ cunts