The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)

Colin Coughlan came on in the 2021 AI final as an under 19.

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And Adam Hogan came on v Waterford last year as an under 19. But different to commanding a starting place all the same

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Very hard for an under 19 start IC championship now. Most of them are doing their LC at the same time. Impact of kids starting primary closer to 5 than 4 years of age.


The split season has messed it up. Back in the halcyon days lads could join the I/C panel after the LC in June. Now its all over by then.

Darren Sweetnam and Tony Kelly in 2012 were classics of this genre.

I’m trying to think of 19 year olds in football since 2016. Surely not many either. Out of the big counties at least.

Clifford is the obvious one. Darragh Canavan was 18 wasn’t he in 2020? Oisin Gallen, Shane Walsh (Meath) were each 19 in 2019 I think.

The best part about u21 level is a successful side could form the backbone of a successful senior team the following year. limerick 2018 and Clare 2013 in hurling. Waterfords u21 team of 2016 with AG, Curran, Bennett gave them a boost to nearly win the AI in 2017.

In football, you have Tyrone’s back to back in 00/01 that led to 3 senior titles. Dublin won the u21 in 2013 which brought through John Small, Mannion, McAffrey. Tipperary got to the AI in 2015 after beating a strong Dublin side and reached the last 4 in senior in 2016. success breeds success and having 21 year olds having a big success is huge for a county. When they are 20 it takes a while to get them up to senior level and the momentum is gone then. For example Cork’s u20 side in football when they beat the Dubs.

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Ethan Doherty of Derry and Shealan Johnson of Down definitely played as under 19’s in 2020.

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Oisin Gallen in Donegal was fairly young getting his debut also.

I’d say he was 19 in 2019.

A lot of the better footballers of that age can be in Australia playing Aussie Rules. Conor Glass being a classic of this genre.

Glen Maghera are some club to throw out Inter County debutants at 19. Emmett Bradley, Ciaran Mcfaul and Ethan Doherty being three such examples. I think McFaul played as a minor in 2012.


Shocker of a goal to concede before HT.

Going to take a serious half of Hurling now for Cashel to turn that around.

The best GK in the locality is in goals for Thurles. It has eventually came back to bite them.

Felt they done as much hurling as Kieran’s but goals are killers. Killian Doyle is cleaning up midfield.

Didn’t see first two goals tbh but last one was bad. FB didn’t cover himself in glory either btw

Kieran’s 3-13 Cashel 2-9

Three goals in first half the difference. Cashel did the vast majority of the hurling other wise.


Kieran’s full value for that win.

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I disagree, Cashel were as good as them. Goals tilted the game.

They looked far slicker & worked the ball far better second half I thought

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Kierans far superior, Cashel very mediocre.

You’re obviously on a wind up. Have never seen a mediocre team win a Harty.

Athenry on top v thurles in the second game.
Niland is electric.


Goals killed Cashel when on top, change whole momentum of game.

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