The Shame I feel about Dublin as my 🐐 capital (and other random cities in videos that Muldoons think is Dublin)

Ahem - it’s St Annes Park, Raheny

You should come up when the Rose Garden is in bloom. It is fabulous then.


The bit south of the Nannekin River is in the civil parish of Clontarf. The bit north is in the civil parish of Raheny.

Does TM still coach the youngsters in Raheny? He was a tidy soccerball player in his day.

I don’t know who TM is…I’m not involved myself so don’t really know (m)any of the personalities other than those I see at my lad’s Ogra on Saturdays. Unless you actively look to get involved I don’t think they approach parents to formally help out until the kids are “graduating” from Ogra (3 years from age 4-6). That’s so they have enough mentors when they start to play their first matches in U7/U8. A load of the club’s U15/16 players run the Ogra sessions with a fair bit of adult input. It could be a transition year/gaisce award coaching type thing but it seems like a good idea. I did spot ex Dublin player Dave Henry & his wife in the middle of the Ogra session today, ferrying around between groups & helping out.

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Like a bunch of feral Brian Fentons in there

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Their bench isn’t as strong as in previous years

There’s something wrong with our young men. So many kicks to the head here regardless of reason or sense

I wouldn’t go claiming young Englanders

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You’re ruining it.

The murder of the Croatian chap in Clondalkin is an awful story. If that’s where our society is going we’re in big bother. Hammered to death for speaking a different language. Feral youths.


We used to look down our noses at the racism in America etc, but we’re no better and it’s just gonna get worse


Same with me and Australia, it was shocking how openly racist they were, Ireland is worse now.


What gets me is these absolute feral scrotes looking down on hard working people, just because they’re foreign. Know alot in Clondalkin through the GAA and they’re sound salt of the earth. Hard having your place name run down like that.
Would this have happened 10 years ago, not so sure.

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a few of those far right agitators & media guys have blood on their hands

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Yeah exactly

There’s plenty posters on here condone that racism. And there’s loads that are vocally against any proper action to combat it, like hate speech legislation.


Dublin is finished lads.

Dublin is lawless and very dangerous