The Shame I feel as a resident of our capital city Dublin at the barbaric goings on in rural Ireland


See a fellow was murdered in Cork in a row over agricultural waste.


There was a farmer manslaughtered in Kerry in a row over a crow banger


We should explain what a crow banger is to the city folk.




Sounds like a Cork thing.


Will we have an oul guessing game instead?
A crow banger

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A device used by deviant muldoons for sexual gratification.

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Are ye ok for water up there in Dublin lads?


This could be a great opportunity to learn from each other.

We can teach muldoons what a belt is after we learn what a crow banger is… and so on and so forth.

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Or for prising them off their sisters/cousins/aunties


There sisters/cousins/aunties probably use it on them in the barn.


A crow banger is what @Big_Mick_McCarthy and his brother used to use to capture crows in his back garden?


Its not big of a deal really, it is device makes a bang to scare crows off the crops. The technological replacement for the Scarecrow. Who’d of thought the muldoons would be so advanced.


just crows?

in general terms would it not be a bird banger… wahey


Was it a muldoon or a Dub who taught you English grammar?



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It’s even news to me. I thought the usual method was to shoot the crows and hang the corpses off trees/poles.


Don’t kill em. Wing em, tie a bit of a branch to their leg, fire them up over an ESB line and let them flap around like that til they die. Cheaper than a cylinder of gas.

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