The Slot Machine 🎰 - Liverpool 2024-2025

Yeah you’d be hoping they are getting close to 2-2.5 kn

By the night of the man united game Liverpool fans will be calling for slot to be sacked.

A bizarre appointment.

Liverpool have hit the jackpot getting Coach Slot.


That’s Fun Run stuff.

A life time ban incoming for Nunez


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Ah he’s tremendous fun :joy:

My heart :heart:

Darwin heroically took on the whole of Colombia to protect him family. What a man


A warrior.

Jeez he took an awful haymaker just after the 20 second mark

Nunez vs Jake Paul 2025. :ronnyroar:

You’d follow him into war

Some lads would be happier with Darwin if he was out beating his wife

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He was certainly trying to beat someones.

And you’d be routed.

An 8 week ban for Uruguay’s international games would be about right. He didn’t go full Trevor Brennan on that Ulster fan in 06’.

24 month global ban.

We need to send a message here.

Great craic fair play to him. Didn’t have the élan of cantona though.