The Smashing Tunes Thread


Get them in here. No shit allowed. Puke - no Paul Brady.

Massive Attack - Unfinshed Sympathy


TFK "feedback" thread on big move

No access to youtube, but farmer you can stick up c’mon c’mon from the von blondies for me. Top top tune.


the new oasis song ‘shock of the lightening’ is decent enough




Debaser from the Pixies:



Paranoid Android - Radiohead. Shook the world for me when it was realised.



Could do about 10 Prodigy tunes, but I’ll keep a few for someone else. Here’s Voodoo People and No Good.




Of Course the breeders…Cannonball. Jesus I used to imagine doing shocking things with Tanya Donnelly when I was a nipper.



You could jus t stick a lot of Fannings Fab 50 in here methinks…


Another one from Tanya Donnelly but with Kim Deal from the Pixies:

You and Your Sister:



YouTube - Weezer - Say It Ain’t So


This is it… The most smashing tune ever…


Coupled with this, of course?




I went to one of these acoustic gigs for the release of Stop the Clocks in Brisbane in Dec 2006.
It was incredibly good.


Green Day When I come Around



Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost (Michael Stipe on guest vocals)



How could I forget the Stone Roses? Could throw up another 10 here but I’ll leave it with probably the best base-line intro ever.


You couldn’t leave it at one.


or two



REM Find the River



Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around The Block



Speaking of Stone Roses, always had a liking for this one



Supergrass, “Caught by the Fuzz” Live on Jools Holand