TFK "feedback" thread on big move

Yeah that happens me as well Rocko, but it was such a minor glitch I didn’t think I should complain.


+1. Whiny bastards.

You were probably waiting until you could find out where he lived so you could follow him home and say it to him out the window.

I believe @Rocko passed me in his Nissan Leaf on Saturday at Sutton Cross and glowered at me in my hybrid. I decided there and then not to mention the little glitch.

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I may well have done though I didn’t glower purposely and I noticed another Leaf in the Super Valu car park. It may have been someone else.

Is your Leaf a nice shade of blue?

Nope. I’ve seen that around the area though.

You’re just saying that, now

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The new Public Poll functionality.

[poll public=true]
- This is a super new feature
- This is a moderate new feature
  • This is a super new feature
  • This is a moderate new feature

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Does this means polls can now be private?

  • Rocko is a seamer
  • Rocko is a gowl

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Edit: looks like no

Rocko is a leg spinner.



How is that different from any other, am I supposed to be able to see who voted what?

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I may have jumped the gun on this a little. Apologies to everyone.

  • Rocko jumped the gun
  • Rocko didn’t jump the gun

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Julio, have you done any work this week?

Now implemented/fixed. See

This has now been improved for you. I’m nothing if not responsive to feedback.

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A terrific new feature, particularly useful on media-heavy threads like the Smashing Tunes thread where you can now “pop out” of a video you are viewing and scroll away on that page, or indeed anywhere else on tfk, while your video will play away uninterrupted.

Screenshot to illustrate what I mean below: