The Smashing Tunes Thread


Jonsi: Grow Till Tall (Live)


Norah Jones: Come away with me


Kate Bush - Aerial (Clubber’s Edit)


House of Love - The Beatles and the Stones (Peel Sessions)


New War on Drugs 12" released today “Thinking of a Place”. Hopefully sign of a new album soon.


James - Laid


Doesn’t seem your cup of tea.
One of my favourite ever bands right there, great song.


I’ve a very varied taste when it comes to tea.


Is that a censored version for MTV or something? In the first verse he says ‘she only sings when she’s on
top’ :grinning:

James- hymn from a village


James supported the Smiths on the Hatful of Hollow tour of Ireland in 1984. I saw them playing the Savoy Bingo Hall in Waterford ( now the Book Centre). I had to thumb a lift from Kilkenny to get there.


I’ve seen James twice and they’re a superb live band, a crying shame that sit down is all most people know and even then it’s almost considered a novelty tune.


Heard a tune off it sounds savage


Beautiful tune from Cope.

Las Vegas Basement


Nice cover of this from an Irish act a few years back:


Dinosaur jr - Take a run at the sun


Just terrible stuff altogether.


Superb stuff from Bolan.


One of the YouTube comments for this is ‘if God had a voice it would sound like Luke’s’


The War on Drugs - Thinking of a Place


These lads have the potential to unite the forum like no band before.
I’ll nearly throw up a tune later on if I’m in the mood for a few likes to get me through the day.