The Smashing Tunes Thread


Hold tough on planting any seeds for now pal unless you want a ‘traditional moyross wedding’


Disgusting post


mods, please ban this vile bastard.


I see they are playing the Bataclan as well. Might pop over to see them in Berlin.


Jesus’ blood never failed me yet - Gavin Bryars & Tom Waits


Smashing tune here that popped up on a playlist recently, hadn’t heard it in years.

Live- lightning crashes


Manhattan Transfer. Chanson D’Amour.





Super song. Sure I posted it here years ago. Great shout


I might have even posted it before you. Great tune anyway



Had The Prodigy on spotify for past few hours…

Whats ye’re favourite tune lads? Out Of Space would prob be mine.

Aside: Simply Red - Stars is a lovely song.

Faithless on here now. This is my church.

Sleep just aint happening.


If you want to sleep, put on Aphex Twin SAW Vol II… might have a few weird dreams.


I’ll do that mate.


Putting simply red in there was a brave move, you seem to have gotten away with it so far.

Help required from resident musos. 90s indie song called ‘enjoy the sun’ maybe it had a different name but that was the chorus and the obvious name. I’m fairly sure it was a Cork band and the female singers name was Hilary (I think), this is really driving me mad , I must have something wrong because my searches are getting me nowhere.


The lady in JJ72 was called Hilary. But they were not from cork




Not jj72. I wish I could hum on the internet, I’d say somebody knows this.