The Smiths - The Greatest Indie Band of All Time?

[LIST][]The Smiths - Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want[/LIST][LIST][]Was watching This Is England earlier, which ends on this song. An absolutely timeless classic.[/LIST][LIST][]English[/LIST][LIST][]LINK[/LIST]

I have to be honest - this was never my most favourite Smiths song. Threw it on the pod yesterday and it still fails to inspire me…

Nice piece on Johnny Marr there on Newsnight

Missed that. He was on radio 4 yesterday morning as well.

By far the best - Morrissey is one of the greatest lyricists of all time.

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The volume of quality songs that those lads have in such a short space of time is unsurpassed.

Unreal as the man says. - Shame Morrissey was such a cunt tho.

What is the Smiths best album?

  • The Smiths
  • Meat is Murder
  • The Queen is Dead
  • Strangeways Here We Come
  • Other

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As odd as fuck but a genius undoubtedly.

I went for the Queen is Dead there, mate.


I see that.

Meat is Murder is my favourite*. Last song on it is shite but then again its the same story on The Queen is Dead.

*This may change in a few hours

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Yeah, they’ve a few shite fillers on every album - I just couldn’t go against Big Mouth, Thorn in his side, Light never goes out -

They’d have been great with any other singer, Morrissey was always a dickhead, his lyrics are a dirge and his singing style is like listening to someone trying to sing a bunch of words they’re reading for the first time.



Dialing it in, mate. - Take the @backinatracksuit approach and set a few traps ffs.

Morrissey is like listening to a self important 5 year old singing the newspaper. Marr made him sound good.

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I get it - you feel like you only have room for one of those in your life so you’ve relegated Morrissey and put yourself as top dog… fair enough.

Ah here - just go away.

No need to take it personally. You snowflakes just can’t take it when someone disagrees with you.


It’s ok, pal… I said I get it.