The Snooker Thread (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from The Snooker Thread (Part 1) - #10006 by boollshoote.

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4-3 now to trump.

higgins lisowski is a very poor standard this last frame could go either way.

Some uncharacteristic mistakes from Higgins.

Stevie is back to 6-4. Wouldn’t have been many that expected that when Ronnie looked like making it 7-1 in the last frame of this morning’s session.

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Bingtao looks likely to take the opening 3 frames of the session. And he misses, Williams back in.

Williams still in siesta mode.

Ronnie :grinning:

Williams SHOT

Ronnie battling himself here. Terrible missed pot last frame and now here.

Maguire with a brain fart of his own, fierce sloppy stuff here.

Terrible. Maguire seemed to just get the shits with chasing snookers in last frame and said fuck it.

Both struggling to get head in it

This is woeful fare from maguire

Williams wins a gruelling and crucial frame to stop the rot, 7-4 now.

Maguire is abysmal.

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All Bingtao now back to 1 frame.


Lovely shot from Ronnie with the cue ball in the jaws of the pocket.

Break of 94


They need to switch over from this turkey shoot.

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7-7 Yan motoring now


Needs to really take advantage of Williams here.

Williams head is completely gone tonight.

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