The Sopranos


It’s not complex enough for me, m8.


A poor mans love hate


He clearly thinks it’s about the mafia — it’s worlds away from Gomorrah, completely different show.


Gomorrah & Sopranos are different TV shows? Incredible insight.


It’s an odd comparison.




Has Lois and Clark been surpassed yet mate?


No mate.

Tried watching House of Cards recently and thought it was boring shite.


House of Cards and The Sopranos arent on the same planet mate.

Watch it, you will love it.


I was just watching a few minutes of The Sopranos last night. It is just quality throughout, there is not a moment that’s not interesting in it. The ambition of the writing in it is amazing, so much going on, yet it manages to keep itself compact and easy to understand. I generally think most of what’s on TV is utter shit, but The Sopranos is just pure unadulterated brilliance.


Viva Sopranos!


I doubt there’s a person alive who found Tony’s dream sequences interesting.



On a related note, Alabama 3 playing The Academy tonight. :brendan: