The Sopranos


Final series/block of episodes begins on Thursday night. Have avoided all spoilers as I wanna wait and hopefully be surprised and enthralled by it. Just watched the last 2 episodes of the previous series so I’m fully up to speed again. What an incredible show - every time you watch an episode you pick up on some dialogue, metaphor or something that you missed first time around. Superbly written and acted - I will miss it terribly. :’(


I think RT have deferred or moved the start of it now Bandage because it’s clashing with the election debates.

Have some of the dvd’s at home but I’ve never watched them. Can’t commit myself to that amount of television. I’m sure it’s quality but there are simply too many episodes for me.


Similar story for me. Think my dad, being the sh1t cool dude that he is has series 1 through 6 on DVD. Will watch at some stage.

Off topic: Have I posted about Heroes on here before? Great show, somewhat X-men-esque without the costumes. Can be seen in streaming on .


I tend to avoid Amercian dramas for some reason. I suppose I don’t really find them interesting.

The last one I watched was Lois and Clark which I confess to enjoying immensely and regularly watch the reruns on TV3 on a Saturday

The likes of Lost, 24, Sorpranos etc have never interested me but I’ll accept that they could well be good. Can I say though that any lad that watches Desperate Housewives should be shot



Series starting at 10pm on RTE2.


Am in the mood to watch TV tonight but haven’t ever watched Sopranos. Will I be lost if I make a start tonight?


No, piper.

You might just be sharp enough to get the hang of it.


will give it a watch so Bandage.


Log your best Tony Soprano moments here:


Love this clip, purely because its got one of my favourite Sopranos quotes in it

Some people are so far behind in the race, they think they’re leading.


Gandolfini is splendid in this one, all the menace is in the eyes


Phil Leotardo mentioned the final episode of Season 2 on another thread and in my view it’s the stand-out episode in the show’s whole run. You know what’s coming as the build-up to it has been coming for a season and a half but it’s no less tense.

Tony’s dream sequence:

The Stones’ “Thru and Thru” playing out the episode and the season was an inspired choice.


The episode when Janice went to counselling and seemed to have addressed a lot of deamons and was beginning to feel good and be nice to everyone. Tony comes round for dinner and noticing how happy Janice was and in control of her anger he couldn’t handle it. If he couldn’t be happy then no one could, not even his own sister, so he wound her up until she snapped. It’s a nothing scene in the wider scheme of the story but in others ways it is the whole show… He was an utter utter cunt but that’s why we love him. The smile as he leaves the house tells it all.





The greatest show ever, bar none.


Gomorrah for slow learners.




Its clearly too complex for you. You probably think it’s just about the mafia.