The Stuff you were wrong about Thread

It takes a big man to say you were wrong

I was wrong about Putin


I was also wrong about putin


I was wrong about John Doyle


Woah now.

He is the greatest human I have ever met

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I remember years ago you questioned that you never seen him on a bike yet he rode a horse around like a culchie in backward Ireland.

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@TreatyStones was wrong about Hurricane Fly

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He normally calls the weather spot on in fairness.


I wasn’t wrong about Marie crowe - she’s still at it


You may take this to the Stuff you were right about thread pal

Oirish Murderpool fans are probably the weirdest subset of people in the country in fairness.


The worst type of footix

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I was wrong about Conor Clifford

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This normally results in a response to say they’re either living ‘rent free in your head’ or you’re obsessed with them.

Air fryers

I thought they were a cod.

I just put a piece of salmon in one with a bit of salt at max crisp for 15 minutes.

Twas hon real


Can you recommend a good value one? What is difference to just sticking it in the oven on 200 for 20 mins?

I bought a ninja one as it had the biggest basket

It’s quicker and the salmon was nicely crisped on outside and moist inside in a way an oven wouldn’t do it.

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They have a decent one in Lidl at the minute. Tower brand. Grand yoke.

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I have the ninja one that does everything now. Slow cooker pressure cooker air fryer etc. Great bit of kit particularly for an owl lad cooking meals for one a lot of the time. Never need to put on the oven now.


My daughter is away at Irish college st the moment, the Bean a Ti isn’t a great cook it seems but she makes chips the old fashioned way in a chip pan which the girls in the house would kill for