The Summer '08 invasion was the best thing that ever happened to TFK

The two year anniversary is fast approaching.

As this momentous occasion is remembered, it’s worth considering whether or not the mid-2008 (also known as the AFR) invasion, is the greatest thing to ever have happened to Discuss.

Awwww nawww.

Yet another muldoons reminiscing about AFR thread.

Admins, sort this shit out.

You’ll find the first wave moved over around Feb/March 08…

I was casting a wide net dunph.

Some members to arrive during those dramatic days:

The Puke
The Runt
The Dunph
Mullach ide
Sid waddell
Chocolate mice
Kib man

Will the likes of it ever be seen again?

I agree. All you have to do is look back at the older threads, of which a fraction only got over one page, and that only happened if that deranged simpleton Ball-Ox went on a spree of racial abuse. Goons like Flano and Fingal Raven ran amok with impunity. Without the Muldoon invasion this place would have gone down the tubes a long time ago.

You want to throw down bro. I’ll mace your ass.

I should be on that list you cunt.

The site was a ghost town in the pre-invasion days. Even flano had to make serious contributions to threads. With the arrival of more heavyweight posters such as foley, puke, runt, sid, mbb and so on the likes of flano could go back to posting smilies and throwing the occasional off the wall comment into the mix - the internet equivalent of the dyslexic kid with a bucket of crayons. Very funny but you wonder what will become of him.

Then you have the feuds. Previously Ball-Ox or Fingal Raven territory, the puke vs. flano raised the standard to a whole level. IOTM, bloc voting, muldoon news stories, nutritional advice, none of which would exist without the influx during this glorious spell. Like the Irish in New York, the new arrivals built this site and then took it over.

You’ll take over this site the day Flano tells you that you take over this site boyo.

I joined pre sept 08 invasion, think it was around March 07 when Bandage was waxing lyrical over on AFR for fun and high jinx. Very intimidating place for a man from the minority back then, Flano ran the roost but I think the Ox was gone at that stage apart from his many, many alias’

But to answer the thread question, it’s definately a better place but I think the best thing that ever happened to the site was the lovely ladies thread.

The best thing to happen the site was the 3 days where artfoley banned himself.

The Puke has lost it, Whodunnit?, Ncc, Kev, & paul galvin…

It was only the one day. It was well deserved though.

The greatest days of this website were pre-summer 2006 when it didn’t exist and when the topics of the day were debated at length through email traffic among a some of the finest minds in the country.

Rocko then decided he might be able to monetize these musings and tried to force them on to an internet forum.

It only took off in August 06 Tinnion :wink:

And not forget the attention seeker, Ncc, he blew in around then aswell

please refer to me as “NCC- The king of the Dutch bet”

If you say so