The Sunburn thread

Signing in for what should be a busy few days,head like a lobster after a day on the beach!

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I got sunburned in Ennis last weekend :cry:


I was on the golf course at nine this morning. I had the factor on and have a lovely tan starting, neck burnt as fcuk as I forgot it!!

The hay fever is an absolute killer these days too. Sneezing every two minutes. :persevere:


Anyone with a tight haircut or bald in general cc @artfoley be very careful,my scalp is raw! After sun city for me now.

Which course?

What factor are ye wearing lads?


I played Bodyke this morning. In good nick as always but off line and it is penal out there.

I had 50 on. Take no chances with our skin kiddo!

You can get tablets for it mate!

Factor 30,did the trick for arms,legs,cheeks,nose and ears.Forehead is like mars now though it’s something between @Bandage and a stop sign.

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This stuff works, you need to take it twice a day for a couple of days before it kicks in. I was completely destroyed up to last weekend

Do ye guys only see the sun once it’s in Ireland ? I thought ye would follow the sun all year.
What a shower or roasters. … literally.

I was in Dooks last week,tough spot if it goes astray

Same man. I was peeling like an orange all week. Thankfully herself had all that exfoliation creams and sorted me out.

@Fitzy :rofl: the Oirish and a bit of sun. All out burning the faces of themselves

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Fucking factor this and factor that. Never heard of a hat.

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I look so handsome when I tan. I really do think that I’m probably the most handsome speciman of a man on the planet.

C.c @Cicero_Dandi

I’ve a great tan at the minute. I have to laugh at how badly the Irish people take the sun.