The terrible quips and puns thread

Please post them here

Sid will walk this

You’re making a bit of a knob of me here Puke.



From the lad who posted this

I have an awful feeling my smashing pun tonight went unnoticed by the masses.

Exactly one year later

Nothing like feeling the icy chill blown in by an ignored pun.

On the ball again, your attention to detail is outstanding. Well done The Runt.


Fooley’s quip to @Fagan ODowd in Cyslist thread

That was directed at @farmerinthecity

Apologies, the quip was so terrible i had to avert my eyes as soon as I could.

An ancient gag, but it still makes me laugh. I think I first read it in Our Boys magazine.

A Frenchwoman telephones the coal yard to order coal. That will be no problem says the coal man. Would you like it A la Carte or Coal de Sac?

Stick to being bitchslapped over the telly gimp

Perfect contribution to a thread on shite quips