The Texas Steakout Appreciation Thread

Top restaurant you won’t be leaving there with an empty stomach.The food and the variety of items on the menu is excellent.It ain’t Michelin star cuisine but if you want good wholesome fair then there’s no better.:clap::clap:

Signing in,was only there Saturday night for herselfs birthday,quality feed!

Signing in


No you didn’t.

Tiss grand.

Understatement of the century

Tis fine peasant offering

Texas Steak Out is grand. That’s all.


This should be in the vastly overrated thread. Their starters are re-heated in a microwave ffs. I’d nearly prefer the one that used be in the Crescent

A hick would consider it fine dining alright, to most people it’s a step up from a chipper.

Navajo Spur?

The nostalgia is probably clouding my judgement but I have lots of fond memories of the place.

Lapsed poster @The Puke was a big fan if I remember correctly

Common food for commoners, dreadful place no class at all

Fuck off back to Dirty nellys you stone throwing neanderthal.

I knew the gourmet snobs would have a field day over this thread.:smiley: I guess some people like these pretensions snobby foie gras establishments that serves what can only be described as overpriced samples for the main course.What’s wrong with a restaurant that serves good wholesome food like chicken, steak and fish at affordable prices?The Texas Steakout is a national treasure.It would be in my top 3 favourite restaurants along with the Market Lane in Cork and McLearys steak house in Waterford.

The opinions of a wannabee Limerick man from Clare don’t count.:smiley:

They should just fling a trough into the middle of the room and let the punters battle like farmed pigs to get their fill, desperate fare, low quality volume, even the after dinner coffee is served in mugs, and I was there once and had soup poured from a sliver jug like you’d get in a 60s orphanage with the locals lapping it up , dreadful dreadful place

Those Galbally boys would eat it off the floor the animals.