The TFK Bromance Thread featuring codegreen and Watchyourtoes

Have we ever seen a TFK love affair so intense as @codegreen and @Watchyourtoes . Beautiful as it is to observe it tends to clog up so many other threads so here is a space where it can flourish.


Can @The_Selfish_Giant and @Cicero_Dandi along with @hbv and @Tassotti do the same here?


You will make @Boxtyeater jelly again.


can @Mac & @padjo do the same here?

This is a haven for all of the forums foremost buttmunchers

Nothing wrong with lads sticking up for each other. Few lads on here disappear when people are in their hour of need.

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@codegreen and @Bawny are sound. However I will slice @Watchyourtoes from navel to nipple for what he did.

Two sound men.

cc @chocolatemice.

One keeps watch for the manager while the other bursts out onto the betting shop floor looking for any winning betting slips that have been thrown away. A strong team.