The TFK Spring

I sense this could be in the offing.

Mubarak, Gadaffi, Salheh, all Turkish-y looking dictators who were over thrown by the will of the people.

Time for one more to go?

Who are you advocating fills the role instead??

your posts always seem to hit the middle ground

never as inane or as irritating as a fooley gola or carryharry thread/post but never quite hitting the mark to be considered funny

mac should take you under his wings for a few weeks to upskill you

Roles will filled by members of community drawing their names from a hat.

Thought this was gonna be some sort of social get together for the forum.

A TFK Spring Jamboree?

Correction: Spring Soiree, Summer Jamboree.

I give you John Waters’ and Dervish’s 2007 Eurovision masterpiece: