The Thick of It

New one off special on 3rd July!

Best comedy on tv these days IMO. Series 1 is in the multimedia forum by the way for online viewing.

The Thick Of It Special Spinners And Losers
Tuesday 3 July
9.00-10.00pm BBC FOUR

Malcolm Tucker’s political career hangs in the balance, in this one-off special of the political satire. In this sequel to the last critically-acclaimed special, he has just 17 hours to spin himself back into power, and it’s going to be the longest night of his life.

All hell has broken loose at No. 10 as the Prime Minister resigns six months too early. Suddenly, everyone needs to be best friends with the Nutter faction, headed up by Chief Nutter Tom, if they want to keep their jobs. Failing that, they need to find someone stupid enough to stand against him and force a leadership contest.

Malcolm’s psychotic henchman, Jamie, loathes the Nutters so he’s getting himself a stalking horse in the form of Cliff Lawton, the Minister replaced by Hugh Abbot. Hugh is literally up in the air (on his way back from Australia) so his advisor, Glenn, is working hard to keep Hugh’s name in the frame with the new regime. But the rest of the team at the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship is too pre-occupied with other things. Terri is off home for a dental appointment, Robyn is fire-fighting a walk-out at the Immigration Sorting Centre (courtesy of Peter Mannion’s team in the Opposition), and Ollie is being seduced over to the Dark Side. Ollie has suddenly become big buddies with Ben Swain, the young Nutter hopeful.

But when heir apparent Tom’s dark past starts to unravel the Nutter plans, almost anyone could make a play for the top job, providing they have a proper media strategy behind them.

The Thick Of It stars Peter Capaldi (Malcolm), Chris Addison (Ollie), James Smith (Glenn), Joanna Scanlan (Terri), Polly Kemp (Robyn), Paul Higgins (Jamie), Justin Edwards (Ben), Martin Savage (Nick), Roger Allam (Peter), Lucinda Raikes (Angela), Olivia Poulet (Emma), Will Smith (Phil), Vincent Franklin (Stewart) Alex MacQueen (Julius) and Timothy Bentinck (Cliff).

The Thick Of It is devised by Armando Iannucci and written by Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell and Tony Roche.

Viewers have another chance to see the previous The Thick Of It Special, The Rise Of The Nutters, on BBC Four on Sunday 1 July. The Specials will also be screened on BBC Two during the following week.

Look forward to that. Was that Rise of Nutters episode the Christmas hour long episode?

It was yeah - didn’t know it had a name but that was the theme of it anyway.

Malcolm on Star Wars-