The Thread that Flango was too lazy to set up!

What’s your favourite Alcoholic Beverage?

Well Benny that would have to be guinness!

Ah yeah Guinness is fooking quality, easiest drink to get into the aul gulliver. Not made into the black shit the next morrow though.

But once ya have that shit you feel so much better the hangover is gone like.

I suppose your right Benny!

I’m always fooking right Benny, anyways what do ya think of the new guinness glass ya get in the boozer.

Your not always right. Remember that time you said you wanted Ball-ox back? You were fooking wrong then.

What’s that got to do with a glass?

Nothing, I’m just saying that your NOT always right Benny.

I fooking am always right Benny.

Wait a minute I’m confused, which Benny am I again?

I’m Benny Shermin! I dunno what kind of a Benny you are!

No your not, I’m Benny Shermin.

Ya bleeding twat, I’m Benny Shermin, do ya want a straightner!

Bring it Benny, wait I’m Benny! Bring it whoever the fook you are…

Wait wait wait. I’m Benny Shermin from 1963, your 1964 aren’t you?

Oh yeah, jaysus 1963 I’m sorry for hurting your head there.

Ah tis alright fook it, let’s go to the boozer.