The TSG has lost it thread

GGA fan goes on holiday

Jimmy Jests on X: “When you are in holiday and everything back home is cancelled due to the rain #rain #irishsummer” / X (

Jimmy Jests on X: “Jaysus the weather is shocking :sunny::fire:#weather #summer #greece #heatwave #turf” / X (

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GGA fan cant find tea bag

GGA fan hangs out the clothes in wet weather

GGA fan has a nightmare

You ok pal?

Your consumption of social media is becoming a worry.

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You’re algorithm must be all over the shop if it’s firing out this shite to you

@thedancingbaby keeps sending them on to me

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I’d say he does with a heap of :rofl: emojis

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Would we miss anything if we put this on mute?

GGA fans are suspicious