The United Asia Tour

Been too easy at times. Watched the game on delay today and the standard of opposition is really bad. Its no real test for the start of the season and you need tougher games. Hopefully having Inter Milan next week and Chelsea in the Charity Shield will prepare the lads more than a 6.0 thrashing of some pub team. On another note Chris Eagles knows how to finish. 30 yarder today. Another trophy in the bag too so thats a bonus. Thats 2 and a half as the first game was drawn. A coin toss will determine who will get to keep it for the first 6 months. On the down side Scholsey having minor knee surgery and will miss the opener against Reading.

Gives the attackers a chance to learn how to play with eachother at least - even if your defence have had a week off.

Do you know what really grinds my gears? Teams laying pointless friendly games. Here Shan, pm me the links for these games. I’d love to see a pointless friendly :wink:

Well the next live game is on Friday at 1 against Guangzhou Pharmaceutical who sound like they a chemist team. Sopcast is the best bet as they show everything. Sure the match could be on here if Rock could do the honours.

All the sopcast games are on here through live sport. Sopcast is constantly running on that page.

Cant wait for Saturday now.